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ISO 9001 - Quality management system

AFAQ ISO 9001 certification is the perfect tool for managing your organization and activities. It allows you to improve your performance and efficiency. Implementing this standard highlights your employees’ skills and inspires the trust of your customers.

With more than a million certificates delivered worldwide, ISO 9001 certification offers proof of your commitment to deliver products and/or services that meet customer expectations. Revised in September 2015, ISO 9001 adapts to the reality of an increasingly complex economic and competitive market.

Learn about the main features of the 2015 versions

Already certified in accordance with the 2008 version? You have until 14/09/2018 to comply with the 2015 version. We offer solutions tailored to your project and your calendar:

Download our free transition guide and:
- Take stock of the challenges and benefits that come with these revisions
- Assess the impacts on your certification
- Benefit from the feedback from our first audits

Assessment Visit: Through a customized assessment visit, determine where you stand with regard to the 2015 version. Carried out by an auditor at the time you choose and with no pressure, it provides a clear view of your strengths and areas for improvement.

Opt for a Focus Session: during your next follow-up or renewal audit, opt for a Focus Session on the most important aspects of the 2015 version in order to take stock of your situation and establish your customized action plan

Advantages of the certification

  • Manage your activities and risks, and cut costs
  • Ensure uniform practices within your organization
  • Develop your employees’ skills, and rally your teams around a stimulating shared project
  • Improve your performance: turnover and productivity by optimizing your organization
  • Seize new opportunities to develop exports thanks to an internationally recognized certificate
  • Measure your performance and progress over time

  • Build trust among customers, suppliers and partners with recognition from an independent third-party organization
  • Gain a competitive edge that makes you more competitive and better positioned in invitations to tender
  • Improve customer satisfaction by better understanding and meeting your customers’ expectations
  • Highlight and obtain recognition of your commitment to quality

Certified companies share their feedback

Corinne Aulus

Corinne Aulus

Quality Manager

“In preparing for our transition to the 2015 version, we are changing our perspective. Discussions will no longer be led by the quality manager, but by each process manager.”

Sabine Dumazert

Sabine Dumazert

Quality Manager

“AFAQ ISO 9001 is recognition of a job well done. It is proof of our professionalism, in accordance with internationally defined criteria.”

How to obtain certification ?

1 Follow-up and renewal

Follow-up audit each year and renewal audit every three years.

Find out more
2 Assessment visit (optional)

Pre-diagnosis in real conditions with an auditor to maximize your chances of being certified.

Find out more
3 Audit preparation

Your auditor gets to know your specific parameters and works with you to prepare the initial audit program.

Find out more
4 Initial on-site audit

Your auditor interviews your teams to analyse your practices and data with regard to the requirements of the standard.

Find out more
5 Audit results

Presentation summarizing the audit findings and delivery of the audit report.

Find out more
6 Certification

AFNOR Certification grants your certificate and logo for three years.

Find out more

Why AFNOR Certification ?

  • The expertise and renown of the French leader, with more than 70,000 certified sites in France and internationally, and over 20 years of experience in certification
  • A strong network: 1750 auditors and assessors supporting your success, with certified expertise in the 2015 version

  • Additional certification solutions that are completely modular and adapted to your situation
  • The proximity of our 13 regional antennas and our presence in more than 100 countries facilitates the deployment of your initiatives in France and around the world

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