Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment Label

Choosing to make a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Commitment sends a strong signal that your organization takes responsibility for the consequences of its decisions and commits to sustainable activities. The CSR Commitment Label, the label that makes a difference!

One of our 90 CSR experts will assess you with regard to international standards such as ISO 26000, SD 21000 and GRI. With the CSR Commitment Label, structure your approach by progressing along a clearly defined route and attest to your performance with a logo issued by a trusted third party.

Advantages of the label

  • Choose a reference standard that is adaptable to all types of organizations, regardless of their core business;
  • Restructure your organization to ensure sustainability;
  • Anticipate changes in regulations;
  • Better manage risks both internal and external;
  • Control your costs;
  • Easier access to financing;
  • Improve employee well-being;

  • Consult with stakeholders to co-develop an efficient process;
  • Gain access to new markets focused on sustainable development;
  • Create added value that is shared with your region;
  • Find ways to best serve your planet;
  • Attract and recruit new talents.

“A Corporate Social Responsibility Label accessible to very small companies, adapting to industry specificities”

CSR Commitment Label for very small companies (fewer than 50 employees)

  • Over the last few years, AFNOR Certification has observed widespread dissemination and adoption of the CSR concept in France by businesses from all sectors and of all sizes, no longer just large groups. Based on this observation, AFNOR Certification proposes a CSR assessment in keeping with the human, material and financial resources of organizations with under 50 employees. The very small company model is suitable in terms of reference standard, deliverables and duration and leads to the CSR Commitment Label.

CSR Commitment Label for different sectors

  • AFNOR Certification has been promoting CSR for over 10 years and continues to believe that it can only gain ground by adapting requirements to sector specificities. This is why, very early on, AFNOR Certification jointly drafted CSR information and implementation guides for specific sectors along with professional federations to facilitate managerial and operational deployment.
    • C2DS – Healthcare establishments
    • C2DS - Community medicine establishments
    • UNEA – Businesses employing disabled workers
    • CEDAP – Professional associations
    • UNEP – Landscaping businesses
    • APACOM – Communications agencies
    • SCOP BTP – Construction professionals
      Did you know? Along with the SCOP BTP Federation, AFNOR Certification set up a specific label for this profession

Main commitments assessed

The assessment is based on specific criteria :

  • demonstration of your ability to identify your own CSR issues depending on your particular circumstances and the expectations of your main stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, financiers, local authorities, etc.)
  • implementation of appropriate managerial and operational practices to address these issues
  • management of related results to improve overall performance

Each CSR item will be analyzed in relation to all your activities :

  • your strategy/governance
  • implementation of tangible CSR practices and managerial deployment (including communication)
  • CSR taken into account in HR practices and working conditions
  • operational deployment of these practices in your production processes
  • implementation of local/regional cooperation

Certified organizations share their feedback

Stéphane Foisy

Stéphane Foisy

Managing Director, TPC

“We conducted a review of our know-how, and the assessors were spot on during the far-reaching individual and group interviews.” 

Dominique Calais

Dominique Calais

Managing Director, Coopérative Océane

“I am convinced, as are most of the team, that it is in the Cooperative’s interests to implement a strong CSR policy.” It’s essential in order to have a real momentum that will contribute to our growth.”

Melodie Merenda

Melodie Merenda

CSR Product Manager, AFNOR Certification

“In short, it’s not yet too late, but it’s high time to get started! In a few years from now, it could be a matter of economic survival.” 

Zeineb Benkhadra

Zeineb Benkhadra

Director of Quality and Project Manager, CSR

“This CSR initiative has become strategic for us because it has a very direct impact on our stakeholders (members, businesses, public authorities, etc.). And it allows us to link our profitability and development targets to environmental and social concerns.” 

How to obtain the label ?

1 On-site assessment

Jointly conducted with the assessor: data analysis and identification of issues, stakeholders and current indicators.

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2 Meetings within your business ecosystem

Site visits and meetings with 5 stakeholders of your choice: customer, supplier, local authority, printer, etc.

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3 Analysis of your practices

Strategic approach, observation of practices, performance of indicators, methods of proof, interviews with participants, etc.

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4 Performance report

A strategic and operational management tool with in-depth reflection on your business goals and opportunities for improvement.

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5 Assessment score

You are attributed a CSR performance score allowing you to publicly demonstrate your commitment to CSR.

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6 Communication

You are issued a CSR Commitment logo for three years, corresponding to your level, as well as a communication kit.

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7 Follow-up assessment

You are assessed half-way through the process to ensure that you are implementing the practices for which you obtained the label.

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Why AFNOR Certification ?

  • Expertise of the French leader in external assessment of corporate social responsibility.
  • The renown of a well-established certification leader with extensive experience in certifying organizations over the past 20 years.
  • A strong network of 90 assessors, who are qualified, regularly trained and chosen for their expertise in your business sector.

  • Leader of a community of committed businesses through our 13 regional branches and 39 regional sites.
  • Step-by-step scalable solutions to allow all organizations make a tangible commitment to CSR at their own pace.
  • A personalized customer area to easily manage your certification, prepare your audits, and track the progress of your actions.

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